Oracle Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud Migration and Cloud Database Management Services

  • Creating Oracle Cloud Strategy and Roadmap
  • Determining which systems will be placed in Oracle Cloud
  • Determining what types of Oracle Cloud services can be used
    • - SaaS : Software as a Service
    • - PaaS : Platform as a Service
    • - IaaS : Infrastructure as a Service

Business Intelligence & DWH

Correct information, at the right moment, right place, fastest way ...

Data warehouses enable you to find answers to many enterprise-wide questions, along with conducting effective business analyzes, and making your company more profitable and grow faster with realistic forecasts.

What INSPIREIT offers you?

Data warehouse development projects require detailed analysis, logical model design and regular data transfers from various source systems to a central database, so that data can be enriched and corrected for business analysis and forecasts.

INSPIREIT offers value-added services to you during all phases of a data warehouse project.

With many large-scale telecom and finance data warehouse projects successfully completed in Turkey, Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, INSPIREIT is the region's leading Data Warehouse and Reporting System Solution Provider.

By leveraging its vast expertise in building data warehouse structures, INSPIREIT enables you to reduce your costs and drive your sales most effectively, while increasing your operational efficiency.

Our data warehousing services include the following processes :

  • Project Management
  • Assessment
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Data warehouse Design
  • Logical Data Model
  • Data warehouse Development (ETL)
  • Physical Data Model
  • Data Cleansing and Data Quality
  • Report Design
  • Datamart Design
  • Access Control
  • Data warehouse Maintenance
  • Data warehouse Database Management
  • Analytical Data Processing (OLAP)

Business Intelligence / Reporting Services

Whether you need to create a report on your data warehouse (or source systems where your operational data is available), you need a visual and efficient tool to get the reports you want and to make more in-depth analysis..

Business intelligence solutions ensure that strategic decisions are taken in the most accurate way, by providing the correct information to the company decision-makers and business users, anywhere, anytime and in the fastest way.


With the experience and technology know-how gained from delivering many projects in various sectors, INSPIREIT analyzes your company's decision-making processes and provides you the most appropriate BI solution to support these processes.

From the requirement analysis workshops to the development of the Business Intelligence infrastructure and providing on-going support in the future, INSPIREIT offers you many value-added services that enable you to conduct the efficient business analysis.

Database & System Management

INSPIREIT offers System Management Services for organizations that need Database, Operating System, Network Management and Co-location services.

Why INSPIREIT System Management ?

Focus on your goals... Let us manage your IT infrastructure.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing in System Administration

  • High performance
  • Lower costs
  • Prevention of costly system downtimes
  • Reducing high recruitment and training costs
  • Efficient use of rapidly changing technology
  • Ability to work with a team of experts in the field
  • Risk sharing

Data Center Services (Colocation & Hosting)

  • 10/100/1000 Mbps port options
  • Improved security infrastructure
  • Redundant Air conditioning, Generator and UPS systems
  • Spine backbone
  • Link to international operators
  • 2nd uplink possibility from other operators if needed
  • Faster internet access with always 25% free capacity
  • Firewall
  • License leasing
  • C-Class IP

Database Management (Remote DBA - 7x24 / 5x8)

  • 7x24 support and management
  • Guaranteed High Availability with proactive approach
  • High expertise and experience on Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases
  • Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) administration
  • Continuous monitoring, early warning systems and periodic controls of database systems (MoniStream system monitoring tool)
  • Free consultation on database system design and sizing
  • ''Reliable and proven expertise'' in system recovery processes
  • Database Version Migrations & Upgrades
  • Oracle RAC, Data Guard, Golden Gate installations and configurations
  • Database and application performance tuning workshops

Operating System Management (Remote OSA - 7x24 / 5x8)

  • 7x24 support and management
  • Guaranteed High Availability with proactive approach
  • High expertise and experience on Linux, Solaris, Windows operating systems
  • Continuous monitoring, early warning systems and periodic controls of operating systems (MoniStream system monitoring tool)
  • Free consultation on server configurations and sizing
  • ''Reliable and proven expertise'' in system recovery processes

Software Development

INSPIREIT offers you value-added solutions in application development area with its rich and practical experience.

What distinguishes INSPIREIT in the field of application development is that, we combine our experience in other services with the software we produce.

The experience gained from the application-based problems faced by many customers in the field of system management, makes INSPIREIT an innovative software company and develop applications from a holistic perspective.

Critical success factors for our software development project are; detailed requirement analysis studiess carried out during the project initiation phase, following project milestones closely and ensuring that the application runs smoothly with detailed test procedures. The technology used is either .NET Core or Java platforms, depending on your preference.

Software development project steps

  • Detailed and accurate analysis of business needs
  • Selection of the most suitable technology and architecture in order to meet the business needs
  • Conducting studies that will minimize project risks and cover the cost of the project as soon as possible
  • Working with an experienced team
  • Seamless communication with customer information technology department and business users
  • Ensuring that the project is affected as little as possible from the changes/contingencies that may occur during the project
  • Minimizing the risks that may arise after the project by creating detailed test procedures
  • Preparation of the handover documentation and the knowledge transfer after the project go-live
  • Providing required support after project delivery

Subscriber Information Management System (ABYS)

INSPIREIT released the "Subscriber Information Management System (ABYS)" and "Mobile Meter Reading (MSO)" package applications, providing its knowledge and experience to the enterprises in the "Energy Distribution and Retail" sector.

INSPIREIT, while designing and developing of the ABYS package, followed the latest technology and trends in the international energy distribution and retail sector and tailored the ABYS package to meet the peculiar needs of the local market. ABYS package, developed with this goal in mind, serves as a completely web-based solution with three-tier system architecture and leverages the Oracle database performance features.

ABYS is designed as a complete solution for subscriber transactions, subscriber objections, consumption measurement (meter reading), accrual, collection and field operations (business orders) for water, gas, electricity and geothermal energy subscribers. Common operations and specific operations for water / gas / electricity / geothermal subscribers were determined during the design phase of the software product, and the software modules were adapted to meet both common operations and special requirements and thus became flexible.

The developed software product covers all the operations required by the laws and regulations of the Turkish Republic. ABYS has been designed considering the change of legislation over time; therefore, a parametric infrastructure has been developed by ensuring that legislative changes are implemented quickly without the need for program changes.

Subscriber Information Management System (ABYS) is a component of the "Integrated Information System" which performs all functions of the "Energy Distribution and Retail" business. Subsidiary transactions and customer service related business functions provided by ABYS modules are in integration with other subsystems, such as "Geographic Information System", "Maintenance and Support" and "Enterprise Resource Planning" and continuously exchanges data in real-time.

ABYS Sub-modules

  • Subscriber Payments Legal Tracking
  • Web payment system with credit card (Virtual Pos)
  • Automatic payment order system via contracted banks
  • ABYS Field Work Orders
  • Mobile Meter Reading System with RF (MYO)
  • Managerial financial reporting and analysis module (Oracle Business Intelligence)
  • Demand Transactions
  • Subscription Transactions
  • Subscriber Objections
  • Meter Reading Operations
  • Accrual Procedures
  • Collection Transactions
  • Network Control and Service Interruption
  • Notification and Informational System

Staff Outsourcing

INSOURCE Expert HR Consultants

Analyzes your business needs in face-to-face meetings,

Reaches suitable candidates either through career portals or INSOURCE talent database,

Evaluates the candidates according to their expertise and personality profile in one-on-one interviews,

Directs you the short-listed candidates with the qualifications matching for the position.

Technical Profiles We Provide

  • Software Engineer
    • - Microsoft .NET Core Developer
    • - JAVA Developer
    • - ORACLE PL/SQL Developer
    • - C / C++ Software Developer
  • Business Intelligence Report Developer (ETL, BO, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)
  • Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Project Manager
  • Business / System Analyst
  • Test Engineer
  • Sharepoint Uzmanı
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Web UI Expert
  • ERP Consultant
  • Network Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • System Manager
  • System Administrator
  • Technical Support Engineer

Reference Projects

Hardware & Oracle Engineered Systems

We offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs and requirements.

Hardware Solutions Product Portfolio :

  • Oracle SPARC servers
  • Oracle X86 servers
  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance
  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Oracle SuperCluster
  • Oracle MiniCluster
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
  • Oracle VM Server for x86
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • Storage and Tape Storage

We review your computing infrastructure as part of our hardware services and provide you with the most reliable and extensible solutions based on your needs. In addition to the installation of the systems, we are always at your side with our support and maintenance services.

With our Oracle SPARC and X86-based solutions, we will be bringing you the best performance and the most advanced security features in the market, along with built-in virtualization capabilities, and the ideal solution for your computing infrastructure.


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